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What is Supply Chain Visibility, and Why is It Important?

The global supply chain is growing more complex by the day. New businesses are offering various products and services, making supply chain visibility a necessity. If supply chains aren’t managed properly, things can become extremely chaotic.

With the rise of E-Commerce websites like Amazon and other advanced technologies, businesses have been able to streamline their operations. The current trends have made one clear: supply chain visibility is crucial.

What is Supply Chain Visibility?

Supply chain visibility means tracking your inventory and its location. It involves knowing where your products or shipments are at all times. You can trace your goods, products, and components, whether they are going to the manufacturer or the consumer.

The main goal of supply chain visibility is to improve efficiency and streamline everything so businesses can promptly respond to changing demands. It also helps maintain a complete record of everything that has been shipped.

With Supply chain predictive analysis, businesses can gain valuable consumer demand data and consumption patterns. It also enhances efficiency, improves product allocation, and eliminates chances of delays. It’s a crucial inventory strategy.

 Supply Chain Visibility software

Benefits of Supply Chain Visibility

  • Better inventory control
  • Improved customer satisfaction and overall experience
  • Reduced inventory cycle times
  • Improved worker productivity and efficiency
  • Time saved with automated tracking process for all transportation activities
  • Reduced costs due to delays, shortages, and chargebacks
  • Precise data with valuable insights for smarter and well-informed business decisions

How Can You Improve Supply Chain Visibility?

With the following steps, you can also improve your supply chain visibility.

  1. Implement the supply chain visibility technology. Supply chain management software can produce data and give complete reports about raw materials, finished goods, and consumer patterns. You can use different features to get the insight you need, for example, current exchange rates and custom taxes.
  2. Next, you can look for data about inventory control, customer demand, and warehouse or fleet management. These areas will help you learn more about your supplier relationship management and how you can process orders quickly and track the shipment with delivery.
  3. Focus on improvements. If any supply chain processes require serious work, this step must be done right after choosing the right software for supply chain visibility.  
  4. Work with the software provider and ensure you get all the benefits. Don’t use any manual spreadsheets. Only focus on things that can improve efficiency.

Efficient Big Data Analytics in Supply Chain Solutions

Check us out at PREDIK Data-Driven to learn about our supply chain mapping tools and other advanced big data analytics solutions for US and Latin American businesses. We also offer location intelligence and predictive analytics to help supply chain managers in various industries like retail, healthcare, automotive, and banking & finance.

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