AI-Sales Intelligence Tool

Unlock the potential of Artificial Intelligence to discover the most lucrative opportunities for your Packaging Business. Leverage data analysis and big data to identify the most profitable strategies and maximize your success. With AI-driven insights, you can make informed decisions that will help you stay ahead of the competition.

Say goodbye to email lists, company directories, NAICS data and sales tools. Leverage Artificial Intelligence Models to uncover the best deals for your construction business. With AI-driven insights, you can optimize your sales strategies and maximize your profits.

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Step 1) Target client

Indicate who your target client/market is.

Step 2) A.I. model

Our Lookalike AI Technology Model puts data into work.

Step 3) New lead data

Get a detailed list of companies with the highest  probability of becoming Top Accounts for your sales team.

Fortune 500 companies trust our Artificial Intelligence models


Find good leads
(As good as your Top Clients)

Something its clear: It is not about how many leads you find but how good they are.

For the construction industry, our AI model can leverage your current data and thousands of other sources to generate a comprehensive list of companies with the highest potential to become key accounts for your sales team. With our advanced analytics and big data expertise, you can rest assured that you’re making informed decisions about your sales strategy.

Discover where your Blue Whales are

Are you looking to identify the ideal clients for your construction business? Our Sales Intelligence tool can help you navigate a sea of data and pinpoint your most profitable customers. With this tool, you can maximize your sales and ensure that you’re targeting the right people.

For the construction industry, harness the power of AI to assess your leads. Utilize cutting-edge data analysis and big data capabilities to gain a competitive edge. Streamline your lead evaluation process with AI-driven solutions. Make sure you're always ahead of the game by leveraging the latest in data analysis and big data technologies.

Gain insight into the business potential of each new lead in your funnel by calculating a Business Potential Index. This index will give you a better understanding of which leads have the highest chance of success and should be prioritized. Leverage data analysis and big data to make sure that you get the most out of your leads.

Imagine if data were limitless

AI Sales Intelligence tool (explanation)

Get answers about our Sales Intelligence Tools (FAQs)

What is Sales Intellligence

Construction companies can benefit greatly from Sales Intelligence, which involves collecting, analyzing, and utilizing data from multiple sources. This includes internal records, industry news, customer data, and more. By leveraging this data, construction companies can gain valuable insights that can be used to create targeted strategies and make informed decisions. With Sales Intelligence, construction companies can gain a competitive edge and maximize their potential.

How to find leads with Sales Intelligence?

Sales intelligence tools are invaluable for construction companies looking to increase their lead generation efforts. These tools can help decision-makers identify the right prospects, gain market insights, improve lead quality, automate prospecting, optimize sales processes, personalize outreach, and track competitor activity. By utilizing these sales tools, construction companies can focus on building relationships and closing deals more efficiently.

How to use customer intelligence to improve sales?

For construction companies, customer intelligence is integral for successful sales operations. It helps to pinpoint target audiences, customize sales strategies, boost lead acquisition, and monitor and analyze customer data. Customer data is essential for sales intelligence tools to refine target prospecting and optimize lead analysis.

How Artificial Intelligence benefits Sales Intelligence?

For the construction industry, Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing Sales Intelligence strategies by providing a more holistic and strategic view. The combination of AI and Machine Learning models with Big Data analytics is transforming the way SI tools are used.

What is the pricing model for our AI solution?

For the construction industry, we offer various subscription plans tailored to the size of the organization. Our plan renews on a quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis, depending on your requirements. Our services provide comprehensive data analysis and big data solutions for your business. With our plans, you can get the most out of your data and make informed decisions.

How do we gather information?

At PREDIK Data-Driven, we prioritize data security in the construction industry. We utilize aggregated and anonymized data from official public and private sources to guarantee no company or individual’s integrity is compromised. Our ethical data approach ensures every business and person we work with is safeguarded.

Let's elevate your construction Company's sales results to the next stage.

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Our solutions have enabled some of the most prominent companies in the US, Europe, Latin America, and Asia Pacific to optimize their construction operations. Our data analysis and big data expertise have been instrumental in streamlining their processes and improving their bottom line.

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