Big Data Solutions for B2C and B2B Companies

Solve complex problems faster and make better business decisions with our specialized solutions.

Custom Market Research Solution

Data-Driven Custom Market Research

Go beyond traditional research and get the market insights you really need.

Competitive Intelligence

Get a full vision of your competitors, suppliers and customers.

AI-Powered Sales Intelligence

Use AI to find the best leads for your sales teams.
Predictive Analytics Solutions

Predictive Analytics Solutions

Identify upcoming risks, opportunities, trends and patterns before your competitors.

Supply Chain Mapping Tool

Monitor your supply chain and that of your competitors to make strategic decisions.

Location Intelligence Tools

Use the power of location data to improve your efficiency, increase sales, and enhance customer experience. 

Real Estate Data Analytics

Use advanced Big Data to make the best decisions for your Real Estate project.

Industrial Trade Area Analysis

Identify new business oppportunities in any US industrial area.

Unveil The DNA of a Business Facility

Detect, measure, and understand all the connections between a facility and other companies.

Customized Big Data Solutions

At PREDIK Data-Driven, we are experts in solving highly complex problems by developing advanced Big Data solutions.