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Our Big Data site location services can help you make successful real estate and business decisions by identifying ideal locations and preventing costly mistakes, whether expanding, consolidating, or monitoring performance.

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Among so many location options, which ones are best for your business objectives?

Using comprehensive site analysis to support your site selection decision-making process in today’s competitive landscape is crucial.

Beyond a standard site selection platform, our Big Data and AI-based approach provides critical insights to identify optimal locations for your new points of sale, branches, and subsidiaries.

Not all companies follow the same site selection strategies

That is why we offer different approaches that adapt to your needs.

Get an interactive map that will help you examine as many locations as you need in any given area, city, or county across the US just by clicking on the points you find interesting.

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Locate the best places for your new openings at a state, city, and zone level. We do the “hard-analysis” work for you; our site location insights are backed by millions of data pieces related to foot traffic, user and consumer behavior, and sociodemographic information.

Ideal for businesses that plan few openings and want them to be more strategic.

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Ensure your potential locations are optimal based on the company’s goals and other key location factors.

Our advanced ML models make assessing and comprehending any location’s potential impact and effectiveness easy.

Great for site location strategies with specific property requirements and location needs.

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Evaluate the performance of your current locations. Anticipate any cannibalization issues and detect which of your current POIs need relocation, downsizing, or rightsizing. 

Our cost-effective approach is perfect for businesses interested in evaluating better areas to relocate their current POS.

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Evaluate the site strategies of other businesses with audiences similar to yours. Understand how your competitors or companies in your industry are developing and evolving their site location strategies.

Perfect for businesses with few locations or with an early-stage site location strategy.

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Quickly analyze and assess multiple areas and their success potential simultaneously. Our advanced geo approach adapts to your specific needs for a successful site location and feasibility strategy.

Ideal for scouting, specialized site location, and expansion teams with a large-scale and continuous strategy.

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Use case

Learn how a clothing retailer found optimal locations for its US site expansion strategy

Learn how this brand was able to identify optimal locations for their new openings in target cities on the West Coast

How are other companies developing successful site location strategies?

From retailers, restaurant chains, and clinical laboratories to distributors, our clients are making better decisions.

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Area Analysis

Streamline your search for areas with high potential, even in cities with a comprehensive real estate offering.
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Cannibalization Index

Detect and analyze which POS are competing or “stealing” customers from each other.

Audience Analysis

Evaluate the site strategies of other businesses with audiences similar to yours.

Downsizing & Rightsizing

Determine your POS’s optimal number and location according to each city and state’s characteristics.

Visit Analysis

Analyze the places your target user frequently visits and their mobility patterns.
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Sales Potential

Make reliable sales forecasts for your new POS, even before you place them.
Competitor analysis icon site selection

Competitor Analysis

Predict your market share by area compared to the competition.

"With PREDIK Data-Driven we found a reliable, accessible and easy methodology

to evaluate locations for our developments. We have opened two and the results are in line with expectations.
In addition, very good attention and customer service.”

Marketing Director, Boston´s Pizza Mexico

Project: Predictive model to identify best locations for new restaurants.

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