Site Selection & Location Intelligence AI-Tool

Use the power of Big Data and Machine Learning to choose, evaluate, and compare potential locations to determine the optimal site easily and intuitively.

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Among so many location options, which ones are best for your site selection strategy?

Explore our interactive map and start examining as many locations as you need in any given area, city, or county across the US just by clicking on the points you find interesting.

Then, compare key site elements between your target locations.

Start answering key questions

What is the most suitable street to place my store?
In what areas do users concentrate?

What is the visitors’ average income level in my target area?

How do vehicles and passersby move around my target location?
How is the commercial density in my target area compared to other locations?
What are the consuming preferences of the users in a target area based on the brands they visit?

Learn more about preferences and consumption patterns from users in your target locations

Understanding which businesses are commonly frequented by users can help you comprehend the area’s socioeconomic status, measure potential market, and identify business opportunities.

For example, suppose a restaurant chain wants to understand the outdoor food preferences of users within both locations. Specifically, they want to know how many of them visit brands like Chick-fil-A, since they are target clients.
Our tool can indicate how many users visit certain reference brands. 

Get detailed views of any area in your target city, state or nationwide

Obtain high-resolution views to get grid-level analysis for better insights.

Start getting high-value insights in three easy steps

Our specialized tool adapts to your site strategy faster and easier than any other platform.

1. Indicate your target city or area

Indicate which city or specific area you need to analyze.
You do not need to provide us with any internal info, like sales data or POS data.

2. We personalize your tool according to your needs

In less than ten days, we will provide you with a personalized, interactive and 24/7 access tool with your analysis requirements.

3. Start analyzing & making data-driven decisions

Get monthly or quarterly updates to get fresh and relevant data.

"With PREDIK Data-Driven we found a reliable, accessible and easy methodology

to evaluate locations for our developments. We have opened two and the results are in line with expectations.
In addition, very good attention and customer service.”

Marketing Director, Boston´s Pizza Mexico

Project: Predictive model to identify best locations for new restaurants.

Start making the right decisions for your site selection strategies

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