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Site Selection Intelligence

How did Boston's Restaurants find optimal locations for its new restaurants?

The restaurant chain with more than 400 locations in Canada, the United States and Mexico uses predictive models to estimate the sales potential at POIs under evaluation.

Competitive Intelligence

Identifying competitors and potential customers

A specialized manufacturer found the best way to analyze potential customers by analyzing their competitors’ visitation patterns.

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Market Research

Doing market analysis for new consumers

One of the world’s most important sport clothing brands was able to analyze various consumer markets throughout Latin America.

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Site Selection Intelligence

Finding new locations for retail stores

A US retail clothing brand that identified four potential location out of 100 options.

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Predictive Analytics

Developing sales forecast for new POS

A leading fuel company located new successful points of sale.

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Market Research

Understanding the impact of a new product line

A major food brand got a detailed understanding of its ideal consumers. 

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Fraud Prevention

Optimizing asset protection with location data

A multinational corporation identified possible illegitimate uses of its assets.

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Site Selection Intelligence

Finding optimal areas for new stores based on competitors

A US bakery brand used our site selection tool to explore market opportunities in a new city based on the mobility patterns of its competitors’ users.

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