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How a large multinational used relationships data to identify potential customers​


A large multinational company that provides specialized materials to different industries.


How to find a cost-effective way to analyze the competition and identify potential customers?


Relationship data with a geolocation approach to understand the competitors and unveil the DNA of a company


Enhance the competitive intelligence strategy to identify and focus on major business opportunities.

The Client

 A leading brand provider of specialized materials

We worked with a leading global service provider of treatment materials for industries.

The company generates over €600 million in revenue, has 80 locations worldwide and more than 80 years on the market.

Movement inside a physical location using location analytics, geospatial data and alternative data

The Challenge

How to find an efficient way to identify potential customers?

The company provides solutions to different industries such as automotive, mechanical engineering, and medical. That’s why they wanted to use data science to:

1) Map a market to identify and monitor all potential competitors to understand whom they are doing business with and selling to.

2) Develop an interactive platform with a geolocation approach to analyze companies and specific industrial premises to identify potential customers.

The Solution

AI-Geolocation and Competitive Intelligence Solution

Now more than ever, companies need to take advantage of all the data available and integrate it into their decision-making process. Big Data is a perfect solution to identify new business opportunities and possible threats caused by competitors.

We have developed a cutting-edge geolocation solution that finds, measures, and comprehends all the connections between businesses and facilities in any US industry or market.

With the use of relationship data, our client was able to answer crucial questions like:

  • What companies are my competitors working with? What clients have they dropped? Which are their new business relations?
  • Who are the leading providers of my customers? Is my company an exclusive provider or is my customer also buying from my competitors?
  • What other insights can I gather to optimize my competitive intelligence strategy?

And one of the most important questions: Where can I find premises worth a visit for my sales team?

The Results

Focus on the true business opportunities.

Our client was able to identify and focus on major business opportunities and potential clients, reducing marketing and sales costs.

Also, they can now understand their prospects’ needs even before the first approach. With the insights gathered, they can present a more customized sales pitch.

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