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How a bakery brand uses site selection analytics to locate new bakehouses


Bakery brand with locations around Florida.


What areas have high flow of potential clients?


Site selection analysis using different data sources.


Location of areas with high potential for placing a new bakery.

Our client

Bakery store with several locations in Tampa and Miami.

Our client has been established in Tampa and Miami since 2018. After a significant pandemic-related downsizing, they have decided to expand their bakeries to Orlando for a strategic brand expansion.

The Challenge

Identify areas with a high flow of potential clients.

 The marketing team needed insights from the Orlando consumers to identify the optimal areas to place their new bakeshops.



Site selection analysis using different data sources.

As a starting point, we recommended using competitor insights. Using our Site Selection Tool, they identified areas where users of Panera Bread (One of their main competitors) move around.

The image shows the different locations our client was considering for its new bakeshops. The heatmap indicates “Visitor Income” (Greener areas mean higher income). 

Additional insight: Panera Bread and our client share similar consumer demographics: Users from 25 to 44 years old.

Data revealed a significant concentration of Panera Bread customers in all locations of interest.


Location of areas to place a new bakery.

We identified high-potential locations around the city by combining competitors’ mobility and foot traffic data with consumer behavior, socio-demographic information, and internal data from their current bakeries.

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