Clients' success stories ​​​​

How a major brand of oils and lubricants managed to find optimal sales points


Fuel leader with more than 15,000 gas stations worldwide.


Identify new locations with high sales potential for their new gas stations.


Development of a predictive sales model capable of evaluating the revenue potential of different locations.


Correct identification of the best construction locations based on the client’s objectives and internal variables.

The Client

Global Top Ten fuel company.

Our client is a leading company in the fuel sector with just over a hundred years in the market.

Its brand has a global presence and is considered one of the top 10 fossil energy companies.

Its annual operation generates more than 100,000 jobs.

The Challenge

Identify the optimal locations for their expansion strategy.

Our client needed to find areas with high sales potential for their new service stations.

Due to the high investment, their new locations had to meet precise profitability parameters.

site selection using location intelligence analytics solutions

The Solution

Through this model, our client was able to make forecasts for each possible location. As a result, they were able to locate several optimal places.

The delivered model allowed them to identify competitors and evaluate their sales volume. 

They also obtained sales data from wholesalers and compared the projections against their existing gas stations’ performance.

The results

Our client obtained a highly detailed predictive model with a high level of detail. Now, they can even forecast their billing levels depending on the vehicle type that visits each gas station.

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