Unveiling the DNA of a business facility

With the help of Big Data and an innovative geolocation approach, we help you detect and understand all the connections between companies and facilities in any industry or market in the US.

Discover the "secrets" behind any facility

Your clients and competitors’ locations have many stories to tell. Let´s discover them all.

Competitive Intelligence Approach with Big Data and Machine Learning

There are two main challenges when doing traditional customer segmentation

Sources are limited. You can use NAICS data, public records, companies’ public data, estimations based on macroeconomic data such as employment data, among others.

But it is very hard to find precise data on specific locations.

Traditional methods are limited. Tools used to segment customers do not consider the vast array of alternative data available today.


How can it be done with more precision?

Using over data 6,500 variables and advanced Machine Learning Models, we  provide a sophisticated representation of the overall activity in each location.

Play Video about How to analyze a location using Machine Learning and Data Analytics

Identify new business opportunities your competitors are missing out

Our solution will help your Sales & Marketing teams make strategic decisions by answering key questions like:

Which kind of companies are my competitors selling to?

Who are my current customers doing business with?

Who is this specific facility buying from?

Is this facility already doing business with my competitor?​

Which kind of market opportunities can I find in this specific area?

What facilities are worth a visit from my sales team?

Analyze large business areas

Characterize your target market and industry with a geolocation approach:

  • What type of facilities are in this area? 
  • Are they manufacturing plants, distribution centers, assembling plants?
  • Are there any potential customers for my solutions?

Proven 3 step-methodology

Step 1) Data Collection

You define the target facilities (i.e., warehouse, distribution center, manufacturing plant, welding center).

Step 2) Analysis

Using our advance geolocation approach, we perform an in-depth facility analysis.

Step 3) Results

We provide you a database with all the identified connections and business relations between a business entity and other facilities and companies, as long with all meaningful business insights obtained from the analysis.

Case Study: Analyzing the steel industry

Explore how a steel company used our solution to understand and analyze all their cross-company relationships, from suppliers to distributors.

Ideal for companies across different industries

Our solutions cover various industries, from industrial manufacturing, transportation & logistics, and cold storage to the pharma industry.

Industrial Machinery

Food & Beverage Manufacturing

Appliances, Electrical & Electronics

Transportation & logistics

Packaging & containers

Medical & Pharmaceutical Equipment

Aviation & aerospace component manufacturing

Power generation

Motor vehicle parts

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