Customized Big Data Based Research

At PREDIK Data-Driven, we use specialized technology and techniques for managing and mining large volumes of information to help companies like yours solve their business problems.


We are experts in solving highly complex business problems

In cases where the complexity of the problem is high, we employ a detailed process of collecting, cleaning, standardizing, and validating various sources of information, including those of the client company, to design and conceptualize the best possible solution for the problem.

Some examples of how we use Big Data to solve complex business challenges are:

Predictive models: Credit risk analysis, inventory optimization, and sales forecasts, among others.

Probabilistic models: Asset recovery (Using different sources of alternative data, from satellite images to mobile device mobility).

Mathematical algorithms: Infer economic relationships between companies, physical facilities, and others.

Mathematical models based on asset management: Design and conceptualize distribution plans for large commercial or industrial surfaces through large volumes of information.


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