Industrial Trade Area Analysis

With a unique geolocation approach we help companies to analyze industrial areas and understand market potential, competitors‘ supply chain, locations, and truck trips. 

We infer logistics, legal and business relationships between companies and facilities within the US.

Understand your competitors within an area

Determine where your competition lies and who benefits from it.

Develop a strategic supply chain & inventory Planning

Visualize how productive and efficient your Supply Chain processes will be in a given area.

Create an optimal site selection blueprint for a given area

Fully analyze an area and view it from different angles.

Understanding Industrial trade area analysis

Trade area analysis consists of analyzing a determined area within a geographic space to study the business and trade activity of companies, competitors, and users.

Industrial POIs analysis

Trade area analysis tools can bring precise data of each point of interest by category. This information can help you enhance critical elements of your strategy, like demand forecasting, competitor in-depth analysis, and supply chain optimization.

What can you use these insights for?

Demand Forecasting

Geospatial data combined with advanced predictive analytics can help optimize the process of demand forecasting.

Companies profiles

In a hyperconnected and cross-industry world, understanding who you are doing business with is more important than ever.

Supply Chain Mapping & Logistics Planning

Demand forecasting and logistics planning both require mapping and analysis of the locations of various supply chain nodes.

Risk transfer, Insurance & Compliance

It's a must for insurance companies to rely on accurate information of each industrial facility to assess risks correctly.

Choosing the right location

Trade area analysis helps you analyze an area from different angles to determine if a location represents a good business decision or not, according to your needs.

For example, a Food Company can be interested in a location with high consumer potential and where key suppliers are. On the other hand, a logistics company can be interested in an area with good accessibility to reduce transportation times and minimize operating costs.

Unveiling the "DNA" of the competition

Trade area analysis goes beyond a simple overview of all your competitors within an area. It gives you a complete picture of their business environment throughout their supply chain and operational strategy.

This tool is ideal for understanding a competitor’s influence in the area and identifying underserved markets, new business opportunities, and possible risk situations.

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