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Use a data-driven approach to get the market insights you need to make better business decisions. We can design a world-class research for you, regardless of your industry or data needs.

More Than Just Another Market Research

Market Research has evolved thanks to the Big Data revolution. At PREDIK Data-Driven, we understand you are looking for key insights beyond what traditional market research can provide.

After all, your decision-makers are looking to accurately answer the what’s, how’s, and where’s…right?

Our AI-driven specialized methodology integrates your internal information with high volumes of reliable external and alternative data. The result? Custom-made quantitative and qualitative research powered by Machine Learning.

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Why Should You Choose a Data-Driven Approach Over Traditional Market Research?

You see, traditional market research firms have three main issues with their research approach…

Information Sources. Whether doing quantitative or qualitative research, most market research organizations rely on restricted traditional sources of information. Why? Because gaining a broader perspective through alternative data requires specialized tools and expert data scientists (which might be costly for them).

Sample sizes are small. Due to restricted access to representative sample sizes, traditional research frequently struggles to reflect target populations adequately. Even thousands of polls may fail to capture a diverse market. What is the issue? You may miss critical comprehension of your market perspectives.

Biases in interpretation. Even when your market research is at the hands of a skilled team, they frequently inject their own data interpretations into the process. What is the issue? Due to improper data interpretation and findings, you may make inaccurate conclusions regarding a market opportunity.

Get Big Data on your side

Having Big Data on your side will bring you several benefits. First and foremost, it will enable your business to make more accurate and informed decisions by delivering deep insights.

Go Beyond Surveys, Interviews, and Focus Groups

Obtain a comprehensive market view. Instead of surveys and focus groups, we rely on non-traditional sources such as location and sensor data, POIs, corporate governance insights, and mobility data, among others. The advantage? Whether you are a B2B or a B2C company, we can cover a broader scope of requirements.

Identify relevant market trends

Using advanced Predictive Models, identify patterns and trends in your sector that standard research methods may overlook.

Understand your competitiors

Know the market share and other key elements of your competitors.

Optimize your value proposition

Discover the real needs and desires of your market and get the ideal footprint to meet your customer demands.
B2B Market Research example with Big Data

While traditional market research decreases its market share, technology-driven analysis and consulting continue growing.

Become the Top Player in Your Industry

Are you looking for customer research, competitor analysis, market sizing study, economic insights, risk analysis, or specific market research? We have you covered. 

We have experience working with over 50 industries. Our goal is to help your company outstand in your market space. 


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Discover How Top Brands Are Embracing a Data- Driven Strategy

PREDIK Data-Driven specializes in building tailor-made solutions, from boosting customer experience systems and measuring the effectiveness of a new launching strategy to optimizing logistic and purchasing procedures.

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