Data-driven solutions for logistics & freight companies

Efficiency is everything for logistics and freight companies. By using data analytics, decision-makers gain greater visibility by obtaining reliable, complete, and valuable insights.

Route optimization

Identify optimal routes considering variables such as road traffic and mobility patterns in an area.

Strategic intelligence

Use data analytics for site planning, demand prediction, geographic coverage, and more.

Improved efficiency

Learn how to improve your operative efficiency, reduce fleet costs, and provide a better customer experience.

Why do logistics companies need to have a data-driven approach?

Using the information gathered from your users, competitors, and market players, you can gain valuable insights to streamline processes, minimize expenses, and enhance customer satisfaction.

A data-driven approach can offer a comprehensive overview of your logistics network, allowing you to detect inefficiencies and optimize routes. You can also enable reliable tracking of your shipments, allowing you to respond promptly to unexpected delays or issues.

Additionally, through data solutions, you can make informed decisions concerning your inventory management, which can help you avoid stockouts and minimize waste.

Start using Big Data in your favor

A benefit of data analytics is that companies can customize any solution to their specific needs.

With Big Data, for instance, businesses can optimize each stage of their last-mile delivery process, from the final distribution point to the end customer, resulting in increased efficiency.

Location Intelligence Tools

Utilize location data to boost efficiency, sales, and customer experience.

Competitive Intelligence

Get relevant insights about the facilities and warehouses your target competitors, suppliers, or customers visit in a certain period.

Predictive Analytics Solutions

Predict your strategies’ outcomes while identifying new opportunities, trends, and patterns before your competitors.

Learn more about Predictive Analytics

Trade Area Analysis

Get an in-depth analysis of any US industrial area.

How are other logistics companies using Data Solutions?

Learn how one of the world’s largest logistics providers improved its asset tracking and recovery process throughout its supply chain.

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