Predictive Analytics Solutions

Turn your data into valuable insights to get the competitive advantage you were looking for.

Forecast probable results to identify upcoming organizational risks and opportunities before your competitors.

Forecast Demand

Forecast Demand

Forecast future demand for your products or services, optimize inventory levels, and develop better operative, commercial and marketing strategies.
Risk Detection

Reduce Risks

Detect potential risks such as market changes, supply chain issues, or increased competition. This will allow you to respond quickly and prevent any negative consequences.

Identify opportunities

Identify new consuming trends, uncovered markets and business opportunities not easily visible with “traditional” analysis. Learn how and when to take action to get competitive advantage.

Why should you consider using Predictive Analytics?

Our predictive models can make business analysis easier for your managers and decision-makers.

By providing valuable insights based on realiable data, you can eliminate the need for guesswork and identify the scenarios with the highest probability of occurring, even among hundreds of possibilities.

Our secret ingredient to getting the best results

In general, predictive analytics solutions rely on the analysis of your past and current data to generate estimates and predictions. But, what happens when we add other sources of information to the equation? You get a wide understanding that leads to precise decision-making.

To achieve this, we have developed a unique AI-powered Machine Learning model that also incorporates powerful external and alternative data.

Imagine that your data has no limits

It is common to think that predictive solutions are limited to certain industries or business problems. The truth is that, with all the advances in Big Data and Data Science, you can approach all kind of complex situations and questions.

For example, an important logistic provider was able to improve its asset monitoring and track companies that were using their products.

Predictive Analytics Solutions Across Different Industries


With predictive analytics solutions, you can anticipate your customers’ buying habits to strengthen your efforts.

This includes forecasting product demand, optimizing stock levels and pricing strategies, planning cross-selling/upselling activities, crafting high-impact marketing campaigns, and reducing churn risks.

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Predictive Analytics Solutions for Banks

Banking & Financial Services

In the banking, financial services, and insurance industries, it’s crucial to use predictive analytics solutions. Estimate credit risk, fraud, and customer behavior, and support underwriting or trading activities.

With the help of predictive analytics insights, decision-makers can make better choices about whom to lend to, insure, or do business with.

Predictive Analytics Solutions for Logistics and Transport

Transportation & Logistics

By analyzing shipment and supply chain data, you can use predictive analytics solutions to plan fleet management, forecast demand, and select the most efficient delivery routes while optimizing inventory.

This can help you save time and money while ensuring that you fullfill your customers brand expectations.

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Predictive Solutions for Manufacturing


Manufacturing managers can prevent equipment failures by using predictive analytics in their applications. This involves monitoring the condition and performance of the equipment and predicting potential issues before they occur.

We can use data from different sensors such as temperature, running time, power level durations, and error messages.



Insurance companies can save time and resources by using predictive analytics technology to detect potential fraudulent claims.

Predictive solutions can consider data like the location and time of the claim, user behavior, and even public data. This allows insurance companies to monitor and identify potential scammers effectively.


Real Estate

In the Real Estate industry, predictive data solutions can help make informed decisions and optimize operations.

Predictive insights are particularly useful in predicting property values, using data such as commercial real estate and property listings, economic growth, and rent price fluctuations.

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