Big Data Solutions for industrial companies

Competitive Intelligence Solutions for Companies

With a unique Big Data approach, we offer you Competitive Intelligence insights to help you analyze competitor behavior and identify potential customers.

Increase visibility

Get only relevant insights about the facilities, warehouses, offices, and other key places your target competitors, suppliers, or customers visit in a certain period.

In-depth analysis

Identify relevant connections between companies and detect new possible relations that can translate into new business opportunities or threats.

Powerful Insights

Use the power of Big Data and Geolocation to track your market constantly.
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Valuable insights for all your organization

Our competitive intelligence insights go beyond your sales team analysis; they also bring powerful insights to your production, logistics, operations & marketing departments.

Get a competitive tracking analysis of your market

Our solution can bring accurate intel insights about all the elements involving your market (Including your direct and indirect competitors).

Go beyond the "obvious" market insights

Our geolocation approach allows you to keep track of your competitors', clients', and suppliers' truck visitation behavior, providing you with market visibility in places other solutions can't reach.

Find interesting business interactions

Find competitors' interesting interactions with other companies at a city, state, or country level, and take further actions into possible relations you didn't have on your radar.

Get only the most relevant trips & visitation patterns

Map your competitors' trips and visitation patterns (We filter the most relevant according to your analysis needs).

From "digital" to the real field​

Many competitive intelligence companies analyze the market based on factors such as social shares, review sites, and sales calls. However, this approach may not be sufficient for industrial companies who require more detailed information.

This is where our competitive intelligence technology comes in. We track the behavior of key players at a “real-field” level, enabling you to answer crucial market questions with accuracy and confidence.

Understand your market from different angles

Trade Area Analysis Using BIg Data, AI and Data Intelligence

Industrial Trade Area Analysis​

Define your area of interest and analyze the business and trade activity of companies, competitors, suppliers and final customers.

Surface Monitoring Using Satellite Images

Keep track of inventory or activity changes in outdoor places like truck facilities, manufacturing plants, truck stops, ports, container yards, distribution centers, recyclers, construction projects, and bio-material stock inventories.
Competitive Intelligence Tools: Market Mapping

Market Mapping & Relationship Identifier

Uncover relationships in your business environment and use the insights to prevent unforeseen problems.​

We take CI analysis to the next level

Using Advanced Machine Learning and Satellite Imagery technology, we can analyze any specific location in the US and worlwide

Our proven Big Data methodology can extract powerful insights using the latest and most advanced ML models.

Our competitive marketing intelligence solution is being used by companies accross multiple sectors

Industrial Machinery

Food & Beverage Manufacturing

Appliances, Electrical & Electronics

Transportation & logistics

Packaging & containers

Medical & Pharmaceutical Equipment

Aviation & aerospace component manufacturing

Power generation

Motor vehicle parts

Identifying new business opportunities

Learn how we helped a large multinational company to identify new business opportunities in different markets using competitor research.

Your competitive intelligence strategy is on good hands

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