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Maximize the potential of AI to uncover valuable insights for your Packaging Company. Data analysis and big data can help you identify the most promising opportunities for growth and success. Through careful research, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of the industry and use this knowledge to make informed decisions. Utilize the power of AI to detect patterns and trends within the retail sector, enabling you to capitalize on the best business opportunities.

Forget about outdated methods such as email lists, company directories, NAICS data, and sales tools. Leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Models to find the most profitable deals for your retail business. AI Models can help you quickly identify and secure the best deals and maximize your sales teams’ performance. With AI, you can make more informed decisions and ensure that you are always getting the best value for your customers.

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Step 1) Target client

Indicate who your target client/market is.

Step 2) A.I. model

Our Lookalike AI Technology Model puts data into work.

Step 3) New lead data

Get a detailed list of companies with the highest  probability of becoming Top Accounts for your sales team.

Fortune 500 companies trust our Artificial Intelligence models


Find good leads
(As good as your Top Clients)

Something its clear: It is not about how many leads you find but how good they are.

Retailers can rely on our AI model to deliver a comprehensive list of companies that are likely to be major accounts for their sales team. Our data analysis and big data expertise allows us to identify the best prospects based on your benchmarks and thousands of other sources. Utilize our AI model to ensure your sales team is targeting the most successful accounts and maximize the potential of your retail business.

Discover where your Blue Whales are

Are you looking to identify and target the right customers for your retail business? Our Sales Intelligence tool can help you navigate through the vast amount of data to uncover your most valuable customers. With our cutting-edge technology, you can find out who your ideal customers are and how to best reach them. Maximize your sales potential and increase your ROI by leveraging our powerful insights into the retail industry.

Retailers can leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) to maximize their lead conversion rate. AI-driven data analysis allows businesses to gain valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences, allowing them to target leads more effectively and efficiently. By leveraging AI technology, retailers can evaluate their leads with greater accuracy and precision, ultimately resulting in higher conversion rates and improved customer satisfaction. AI-based data analysis also provides retailers with the ability to better understand customer needs and trends, enabling them to create more tailored marketing campaigns that are more likely to generate a positive response from customers. With AI-driven data analysis, retailers can ensure that their lead conversion rate is optimized for maximum success.

Unlock the potential of each new lead with a Business Potential Index. Utilize data analysis and big data to make sure that your retail industry funnel is optimized for success. Accurately measure the potential of each lead and make informed decisions about how to best leverage them.

Imagine if data were limitless

AI Sales Intelligence tool (explanation)

Get answers about our Sales Intelligence Tools (FAQs)

What is Sales Intellligence

Retailers can use Sales Intelligence to gain an edge in the market. By collecting, analyzing, and leveraging data from various sources, such as internal company records, customer data, market trends, and more, retailers can gain invaluable insights to inform their strategies and decisions. This data-driven approach can help retailers make better decisions about pricing, product offerings, customer segmentation, and more. With Sales Intelligence, retailers can stay ahead of the competition and maximize their sales potential.

How to find leads with Sales Intelligence?

Retailers can benefit from Sales Intelligence tools to help them identify new leads, gain valuable market insights, optimize lead quality, automate prospecting, streamline sales processes, personalize outreach, and track competitor activity. These powerful tools enable decision-makers to maximize their time and resources by quickly finding the right prospects and focusing on building relationships and closing deals.

How to use customer intelligence to improve sales?

Retailers rely on customer intelligence to gain insights into their target audiences, personalize sales strategies, and increase lead generation. Customer data is essential for sales intelligence tools to effectively identify prospects and analyze leads. With the right data analysis, retailers can gain a competitive advantage and maximize their sales potential.

How Artificial Intelligence benefits Sales Intelligence?

Retailers can now leverage Artificial Intelligence to gain a comprehensive understanding of their sales performance. AI and Machine Learning technologies, when integrated with Big Data analytics, offer unprecedented insights into customer buying patterns and trends. This allows retailers to develop more effective sales strategies and maximize their returns. By taking advantage of these powerful tools, retailers can stay ahead of the competition and optimize their sales operations.

What is the pricing model for our AI solution?

Retailers can benefit from our data analysis and big data services. We provide tailored subscription plans to suit the size of your business, with the option to renew quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. Our expertise in this field ensures you get the most out of your data insights.

How do we gather information?

At PREDIK Data-Driven, we understand the importance of data security in the retail industry. We only utilize aggregated and anonymized data from legitimate public and private sources. As part of our responsible data policy, we always protect the privacy of companies and individuals.

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