Big Data to Understand Consumer Mobility

Thanks to advanced Big Data techniques that make it possible to collect and analyze large volumes of mobility data, it is possible to establish where consumers live and where they go before visiting a shopping mall or supermarket.

Today, business leaders have access to Business Intelligence solutions that are based on millions of anonymized data generated every second by cell phones, records that allow increasingly accurate estimates of the levels of affluence received by commercial establishments.

In addition to estimating the number of consumers attending a shopping mall or supermarket, it is also possible to infer people’s movement patterns.

In this sense, studies can answer questions such as:

  • Where do the people who visit a certain mall or supermarket actually live?
  • What places do consumers frequent before visiting a commercial establishment?

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PREDIK Data-Driven carried out an analysis of consumers who visit the “Centro Comercial El Polo“, located in the city of Lima, capital of Peru. The study’s fact sheet specifies that, in order to create the report on the behavior of visitors to the shopping mall under analysis, more than one million observations were obtained.

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Detail of some of the main findings:

-One out of every three consumers who visit the mall do so between 4pm and 7pm.
-Santiago de Surco and San Juan de Miraflores are the districts where most of the consumers who visit the mall are likely to reside.
-Commercial sites or premises located in the Monterrico and San Borja sectors are those frequented by people prior to visiting the mall.

These results are a small part of a business solution, which can be more detailed and in-depth, since it is possible to combine the records generated by cell phones with other complementary information.

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