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Use AI power to find the business opportunities that really matter

Forget about email lists, company directories, NAICS data and sales tools. Start using Artificial Intelligence Models to find the best deals for your sales teams.

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Step 1) Target client

Indicate who your target client/market is.

Step 2) A.I. model

Our Lookalike AI Technology Model puts data into work.

Step 3) New lead data

Get a detailed list of companies with the highest  probability of becoming Top Accounts for your sales team.

Fortune 500 companies trust our Artificial Intelligence models


Find good leads
(As good as your Top Clients)

Something its clear: It is not about how many leads you find but how good they are.

Based on your benchmark and thousands of other sources, our AI model can bring you a detailed list of companies with the highest probability of becoming top accounts for your sales team.

Where are your Blue Whales?

Indicate your target market, and see how our Sales Intelligence tool navigates through an ocean of information to discover your Blue Whales.

Evaluate your leads the "AI-way"

Get a Business Potential Index for each new lead that lands into your funnel.

Imagine if data were limitless

AI Sales Intelligence tool (explanation)

Get answers about our Sales Intelligence Tools (FAQs)

What is Sales Intellligence

Sales Intelligence involves collecting, analyzing, and leveraging data volumes from different sources, including internal company records, market news, consumer information, and much more. This data-driven approach empowers sales teams with invaluable insights, enabling them to formulate tailored strategies and make strategic decisions.

How to find leads with Sales Intelligence?

Sales Intelligence tools help sales teams find new leads by:

  • Identifying the right prospects.
  • Providing market insights.
  • Improving lead quality.
  • Automating prospecting.
  • Optimizing sales processes.
  • Personalizing outreach.
  • Tracking competitor activity.

By leveraging these sales tools, decision-makers can focus on building relationships and closing deals more efficiently.

How to use customer intelligence to improve sales?

Customer intelligence helps sales teams identify target audiences, personalize sales approaches, enhance lead generation, and track and analyze customer data.

Customer data is key for sales intelligence tools to enhance target prospecting and improve lead analysis.

How Artificial Intelligence benefits Sales Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence brings a broader and more strategic view of Sales Intelligence strategies. Today’s AI and Machine Learning models, in combination with a Big Data approach, are revolutionizing SI tools.

What is the pricing model for our AI solution?

We offer different subscription plans according to the number of companies to analyze. Our plan renews quarterly, semi-annually, or annually depending on your needs.

How do we gather information?

At PREDIK Data-Driven, we care about data privacy. We only use aggregated and anonymized data from official public and private sources.

As part of our ethical data approach, we never compromise any company’s or individual’s integrity.

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