Interactive Foot Traffic and POI Maps

Explore London From Different Angles

Our interactive maps combine different sources, such as foot traffic data, POI, places, and vehicle data, and can help you answer key questions like:

  • What are the foot traffic patterns of users within different target areas?
  • In what areas do users concentrate more?
  • How does foot traffic change in different days and time frames?
  • How does income change in different city areas?

Start exploring any city from different angles

In addition to data insights from vehicles, workers, residents, visitors, and foot traffic (By day and hour), we can add more than 200 variables to this map, including POI data from your competitors and specific places witihin London or any other city worldwide.

Guide: How can you navigate through this interactive map?​

Our data mapping solutions use the latest GIS technology for a quick and intuitive navigation.

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