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Explore business relations between US companies (Private & Public)

Enriched Company Relationships Data


3 years of historical data


+1 Million Company Relations


95% match rate

Common use cases

Other companies are using this dataset for:

Supply chain mapping and risk management

Company to company analysis 

Product tracking and disruption analysis

Custom Market Research Solution

Risk Assessment and correlation analysis

Ideal for sectors like:


Cold storage


This dataset provides a detailed overview of a company’s truck-based supply chain and its connections to other facilities and companies within the continental US.


As a dataset, this solution offers a detailed overview of a company’s truck-based supply chain, including its relationships with other facilities and companies in the United States.

Featured attributes of the data

We have developed a dataset that maps US facilities, which includes factories, warehouses, and retail outlets, to the companies that own them. With this dataset, tracking the movement of trucks and devices between locations and identifying the supply chain connections between them is possible.

Also, our Machine Learning algorithms are used to analyze 7-15 billion daily events and estimate the volume of goods transported between different locations. This information allows us to map supply chain connections between:

• Different companies (expressed as a percentage of volume transported).
• Locations owned by the same company (e.g., warehouse to shop).

With this new geolocation approach, it is possible to create a knowledge graph of a private or public company’s relationships with other companies within the country.

Common use cases for this data

  • Identify and understand company relations: Determinate relationships and connections between specific companies, facilities, sectors, and industries.
  • Identify and understand relations between places: A logistics and domestic distribution supply chain can be mapped nationwide and state-wide in the US and across European countries.
  • Visualize and map an entire supply chain network.
  • Track products in any distribution or supply chain.
  • Identify not only the first tier of suppliers in the value chain but also 2nd and 3rd tier suppliers.
  • Analyze illicit networks and track the illegal use of corporate assets.
  • Improve casualty risk management.
  • Optimize supply chain risk management.

Other use cases:

  • Risk assessment.
  • Correlation analysis.
  • Disruption analysis.
  • Security and compliance.
  • And more.


  • Update Frequency: Monthly, quarterly and yearly.
  • Volume: One million company relations. 
  • Data Delivery Methods: S3 Bucket, SFTP, Rest API.
  • Delivery Formats: JSON, CSV.
  • Geographic Coverage: United States and Mexico. 

Data Sample & Dictionary

  • Request a simple data sample here.

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