Infer economic, logistics, legal and business relationships between companies and facilities within the United States.

Get the most of relationship data to identify and explore hidden business connections to boost revenue and minimize risks.

Optimize your due diligence process by identifying and measuring inter-connected and hidden relationships between partners, suppliers, vendors and customers.

Unlock the power of relationship data to increase your business

With the help of Big Data and an innovative geolocation approach, we help companies to detect, measure, and understand all the connections between companies and facilities in ant market or industry in the United States.

Our novel data-driven approach allows you to easily identify uncovered tiers in a supply chain or market, hidden business relationships between suppliers, customers and vendors.

Our Market Map Tool & Business Relationship Data can help your company to:

Business Relationship Data – Use Cases & Applications

Case Study: Mapping the Market of a Food Manufacturer in the US

Learn at first-hand the discoveries we made after implementing our geolocation approach to understand the insights and business relationships of one of the largest food companies in the US.

Questions You Can Answer with our market mapping solution:

Other Useful Insights that can be derived from relationship data

External Insights with Market Mapping Solutions

Our market mapping solutions allow companies to obtain information and insights regarding the market and their competitors. The market mapping software and assessment tools help companies find out the market standards and channels their competitors are hiring from. We help companies find solutions to complex business problems using the latest data science tools and technology.

To monitor new developments in the market and find essential business relationship data, we recommend trying out our market analysis mapping software. Marketers working for companies can better understand their product positioning and pricing using the market assessment tools.

We gather and analyze data through market mapping and then present it to our clients. This data helps in making well-informed decisions and monitoring the actions of other players in the market. Companies can also change their current operations based on the data analysis. The final report from market mapping gives a complete insight into the market.

Case Studies

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