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Get location intelligence insights on several aggregation layers

Enriched site analysis




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+1 million devices

Common use cases

Other companies are using this dataset for:

Competitor Analysis

Site Selection

Area analysis

Our enriched location dataset provides detailed information based on several aggregation layers (Addresses, zip codes, cities, states, and any given polygons).


Get valuable insights into residential, commercial, and industrial areas.
Ideal dataset to fuel Machine Learning models based on geographic attributes.

Featured attributes of the data

Our data comes from new processes, methodologies, estimates, and insights developed by our mathematicians and data scientists.

We use public datasets or data expressly acquired from authorized global vendors and in compliance with GDPR, CCPA, and all other legal regulations.

Site selection

Answer key questions like:

  • Where are my potential customers?
  • What is the area’s true potential?
  • Are my competitors also in the area?
  • Is the trade area suitable for my needs?
  • How is the movement behavior in different hours?

Area Analysis

Answer key questions like:

  • Does the area meet my operational and commercial requirements?
  • Which are the pros and cons of a particular area?
  • How a particular area performs against others?

Area Analysis

Answer key questions like:

  • What is the influence of my competitors in a target area?
  • Which of my competitors lead in each zone?
  • How is the relationship between my competitors and my target market?

Data sample

This dataset provides you insights like:

  • Number of unique devices identified as pedestrians.
  • Number of unique devices identified as vehicles.
  • Vehicle flow identified as vehicles multiplied by the average speed of the quadrant.
  • Average/Min./Max. speed of the observed devices in the quadrant in kilometres per hour.
  • Average /Max. distance travelled by the observed devices in a quadrant in a six-hour window.
  • Average dwell time of the observed devices in the quadrant.
  • Number of signals sent by devices.
  • Sum of the actual built-up area, in square meters.
  • Sum of the confidence of the points of interest in a quadrant whose category is related to manufacturing industry /food and beverage services /shopping centres /sports, culture and recreation services /temporary accommodation services / pharmacies /health and social services /retailing /educational services /transport and postal courier services /real estate services (Among others).
  • Population living in the quadrant.
  • Percentage of female / male population.
  • Percentage of the population ages: 5 and 14 yo /15 and 24 yo /25 and 49 yo /50 and 60 yo /+60 yo.
  • Relative income index of the resident population.
  • Pedestrian relative income index
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