Measuring footfall in restaurant franchises

Footfall analytics have revolutionized the way retailers implement branch expansion, commercial and operational strategies in the restaurant franchise market. The correlation between location and footfall analytics, visits, sales, and the success of retail fast-food franchises have been studied and proven, so the development of this type of analysis has become a priority in the site […]

Foot traffic analytics in 100 Montaditos, Spain

Restaurant franchise owners need to apply location intelligence and foot traffic analytics techniques to identify consumer behavior patterns, in order to maximize sales and generate more efficient expansion strategies. Case Study: Comparison of foot traffic around 100 Montaditos in Madrid and Valencia At PREDIK Data-Driven we conducted a foot traffic analysis around two retail franchises […]

Branch expansion with predictive analytics

Predictive, location, and foot traffic analytics reveal valuable information that helps retailers to choose the right location when setting up geographic expansion strategies. How are predictive analytics models used to determine the optimal location for a new facility? Predictive analytics is a type of statistical analysis that uses data mining, statistical modeling and machine learning […]

How to create the best business branch expansion strategy?

Guide on how to create the best branch expansion strategy for businesses

For successful branch expansion strategies and site selection plans, evaluating your business model according to the potential market needs is crucial. Location and foot traffic analytics is the most effective way to achieve this. In this article you will learn about: What is location intelligence? Location Intelligence (LI) is an advanced data analytics technique. It […]