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Measure activity in US industrial and commercial areas

Trip Data /Commercial Data / US Truck Market Data


+1 million records


United States


Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly



Common use cases

Other companies are using this dataset for:

FMCG analysis

Measure real economic industrial and commercial activity

Fundamental analysis

Due diligence

Ideal for industries like:

Freight Cargo

This alternative dataset allows you to measure activity in industrial and commercial places, facilities and any given area.


We use a distinct method of gathering data that offers diverse perspectives on truck stops  in the United States.

Key Concepts

Access to clean, standardized, and enhanced data on commercial truck trips all based on device tracking.

Dataset structure

Using mobility data, we identified devices that corresponded to trucks. We then detected stops in their journeys, from when they paused to when they resumed. Finally, we included the address that matched the halt.


The dataset provided by our company is built and enriched by us, thus having all the distribution rights. The provided dataset is generated from new processes, estimates and data insights by our innovation team.

Starting from public datasets or data expressly acquired in compliance with all privacy-related and legal

  • Update Frequency: Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly updates
  • Data Delivery Methods: FTP, API, AWS S3, Google BigQuery
  • Data Locations: AWS S3
  • Delivery Formats: CSV, JSON, HTTP
  • Other Delivery Formats: API, SFTP, Cloud provider
  • Coverage: 4% – 6% of trucks nationwide.

Differentiators of our custom datasets

  • The information in our data is enriched with detailed information, including start and end addresses, timestamps, and device IDs.
  • We make sure to harmonize the data to create a unified and clean format, increasing the overall data quality.
  • Additionally, our datasets can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Data Sample & Dictionary

  • Request a simple data sample here.

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