Helping US Manufacturers Uncover Blind Spots with Competitive Intelligence Tools

PREDIK Data-Driven works with industries to find relevant insights about competitors & customers with a unique geolocation approach, using alternative data.

CORAL GABLES, FLORIDA, US, November 10, 2022 / — Location technologies and alternative data have been rapidly transforming the digital landscape. Many industries are getting benefits from this transformation. With new and innovative solutions entering different parts of people’s lives, industries can unlock and create new opportunities. Industrialists benefit greatly from geospatial and location intelligence tools as they can now perform a thorough market analysis to optimize their marketing and sales strategies.

Companies can use geolocation tools to make well-informed decisions. This novel approach, using alternative data, allows one to peel back the layers of any company, getting a deep understanding of their business relations: who they are selling to, who they are buying from, among other interesting data.

Andres Cobas, Head of Data at PREDIK Data-Driven stated, “With our competitive intelligence tools, companies can now uncover blind spots against leading competitors and go from “digital” to the real field, by understanding what is really happening inside any facility in the US.

Our competitive intelligence methodology consists of tracking the real behavior of the manufacturing market right on the field so that companies can answer questions like:

What uncovered need does my market have?
How much of a threat is my competition?
Am I losing or winning the market?
How is the market responding to my competitor´s offer?

PREDIK Data-Driven is also helping companies to analyze industrial areas and understand market potential, competitors´ supply chains, facilities, and truck trips. With these data, they infer business relationships between companies and locations within the US.

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