Mobility Analysis: Helping retail stores with today’s challenges

Analisis de movilidad estudio Elektra Coppel Predik Data

Consumer preferences are constantly changing. From purchase behavior to new competitors, companies must pay attention to the conduct of their customers to identify new opportunities and possible threats.This situation has become especially important for retail companies. According to recent studies, buyers are migrating to online platforms and becoming more omnichannel, increasing the challenges for retailers […]

Convenience stores: Who wins at the point of sale?

Mobility analysis has become one of the best tools to optimize business strategies and expansion plans in retail. For convenience stores, this is no exception. Understanding what consumers think, want and do is essential for companies in the retail sector. This is where big data tools play an important role, because with them you can […]

Predictive models for retail franchises

Predictive analytics uses data, statistical algorithms and machine learning procedures to identify the probability of expected outcomes from historical data, enabling organizations to increase their productivity, competitive advantage, improving what companies do and how they do it. Franchise system retailers can face growth challenges in a changing and competitive retail marketplace, and franchise managers and […]

How to measure customer engagement with Big Data?

Businesses can use the information gathered from customers to improve engagement strategies and strengthen engagement by turning data into statistical insights. Customer engagement is a concept that has become a unifying architecture of design and experience across technology, interface and customer-supplier interactions. Today, to more efficiently measure engagement than customers and maximize marketing strategies, Big […]

Supply Chain analytics and inter-company relationships

Nowadays, industries can obtain a comprehensive and detailed view of all types of relationships that companies have in a given area, and visualize all the hidden tiers that are part of any supply chain, thanks to Big Data techniques.  With Big Data techniques, it is now possible to gain a comprehensive understanding of the logistical, […]

Foot traffic in self-service retail stores

Foot Traffic analytics have revolutionized the way retailers implement expansion, commercial and operational strategies in self-service stores. The correlation between location and foot traffic analytics, visits, sales, and the success of retail self-service restaurants have been studied and proven, so the development of this type of analysis has become a priority in the site selection […]

What is foot traffic data and how to obtain it?

Foot traffic data has a wide variety of uses in different sectors, allowing companies to discern the activities, behavior patterns and interests of people in an POI. What is foot traffic data? Foot Traffic data, sometimes referred to footfall data, is data generated by anonymous mobile devices that indicates the number of people or vehicles […]

How to increase foot traffic in 2022 with Big Data?

Foot traffic is a key factor for the success of any retail store, the main step to increase it is to measure it. Only by counting and tracking it is it possible to identify the factors that affect and improve a retailer’s store footfall. What is foot traffic? Foot traffic is the number of customers […]

Which type of alternative data is beneficial for investors?

Investment management firms leverage alternative data to identify patterns and gain unique insights into investment products. Hedge funds were among the first to take advantage of data analytics technologies and big data, followed closely by corporate venture capital managers, data from non-traditional sources and services to base decision making on useful data. These same companies […]

What is alternative data and what sectors does it benefit?

The increase in data from mobile devices, satellites, sensors and websites has resulted in vast amounts of data also known as Big data. All that data has the potential to be mined for insights and potentially help companies make better data-driven decisions. What is alternative data? Alternative data refers to data used by investors to […]