Should I expand my stores to other cities in 2022?

Retail store expansion strategies are one of the most fundamental issues for growing retailers. Opening a new store can be a game changer if you get the location right, or your new store could be doomed to failure if the location doesn’t attract enough customers. In addition to geographical factors, such as transportation accessibility and […]

Branch expansion with predictive analytics

Predictive, location, and foot traffic analytics reveal valuable information that helps retailers to choose the right location when setting up geographic expansion strategies. How are predictive analytics models used to determine the optimal location for a new facility? Predictive analytics is a type of statistical analysis that uses data mining, statistical modeling and machine learning […]

Foot Traffic Study: Blue Route Mall Vs. Table Bay Mall

Location and foot traffic analytics are transforming the way retail expansion strategies and competitive advantages are defined in shopping centers. Case Study: Blue Route Mall Vs. Table Bay Mall At PREDIK Data-Driven we conducted a comparative study of two shopping malls in the city of Cape Town, South Africa:  Blue Route Mall , which contains distinguished brands such […]

Footfall analysis of a historical site in Mexico City

Footfall analytics based on Big Data techniques allow businesses to understand a point of interest and with it, implement strategies, expansion strategy models and solutions within retail and wholesale markets, helping leaders to make better decisions based on mobility patterns. At PREDIK Data-Driven we conducted a detailed study of La Plaza de la Constitución, informally […]

How to create the best business branch expansion strategy?

Guide on how to create the best branch expansion strategy for businesses

For successful branch expansion strategies and site selection plans, evaluating your business model according to the potential market needs is crucial. Location and foot traffic analytics is the most effective way to achieve this. In this article you will learn about: What is location intelligence? Location Intelligence (LI) is an advanced data analytics technique. It […]

Top 10 Uses Cases of foot traffic in public transport

Foot Traffic analytics can identify the characteristics of transit stops and routes, helping to determine and improve the overall coverage of any transit system. When it comes to public transport, foot traffic analytics can be of great help to authorities, who are faced with various challenges such as road congestion and the diversity of modes […]

Footfall analytics for site selection strategies

The secret to site selection in such a competitive market is based on the ability to analyze the right data and be able to understand and interpret the site selection strategies of nearby locations to stay ahead of their expansion plans and gain a competitive advantage. Where? This is the fundamental question that guides any […]

Retail footfall analytics: Media Markt

Foot traffic analytics and point-of-interest analytics help large consumer electronics retailers measure mobility and understand consumer behavior patterns in any given zone of interest or point of sale. Case Study: Media Markt in Madrid At PREDIK Data-Driven we conducted a detailed study of a retail franchise store dedicated to the sale of consumer electronics products […]

Predictive models for maintenance services

Predictive maintenance based on big data and geospatial data seeks to define the best time to perform work on an asset, so that maintenance frequency is as low as possible and reliability is as high as possible without unnecessary costs. Maintenance teams are beginning to embrace the use of big data and predictive modeling to […]

The Importance of Location Analytics for Supply Chain Management

Location Analytics for Supply Chain Management

Location analytics and location intelligence are two of the most powerful tools for businesses looking to optimize their supply chain operations. Logistics managers need to implement location intelligence in global supply chains to: But how do these tools help improve supply chain management? How can some companies deliver products to customers so quickly and efficiently? The […]