Business: Geospatial Data Uses and Applications

While an increasing number of companies are extracting value from the proprietary data they generate in business, few are doing so with the perspective of how location data and spatial analytics can improve their business processes and workflows.

The intelligence of data gathered from geographic information systems (GIS) applications helps organizations across industries. Geographic Information Systems are powerful decision-making tools for analyzing environmental, demographic and topographic data.

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The way projects are carried out has changed with the advent of these new technologies and Big Data management tools. It is now possible to take advantage of the techniques that are being developed to collect and analyze satellite images, to transform them into data of value in the business decision-making process.

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In order to improve the internal processes of organizations using this type of intelligence, models are developed that are able to identify and analyze through geospatial data certain types of infrastructure in urban and rural areas, as well as pedestrian and vehicular flows, facilitating the finding of business answers within any desired sector.

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