Helping US Manufacturers Uncover Blind Spots with Competitive Intelligence Tools

PREDIK Data-Driven works with industries to find relevant insights about competitors & customers with a unique geolocation approach, using alternative data. CORAL GABLES, FLORIDA, US, November 10, 2022 / — Location technologies and alternative data have been rapidly transforming the digital landscape. Many industries are getting benefits from this transformation. With new and innovative solutions […]

How to profile a company using Trade Area Analysis?

How to analyze a company profile using Trade Area Analysis

In our industrial trade area analysis guide, we explained how the analysis of enriched industrial POIs (Points of Interests) can provide detailed information about each company within an area regarding its supply chain and business structure. In this article we´ll cover the following topics: Is a company a possible ally or a threat? The importance […]

Understanding Trade Area Analysis With Real Examples (Guide)

Guide about Trade Area Analysis

Recently, companies have been looking to understand if their sales points, offices, subsidiaries, and warehouses will succeed or fail in a particular location area even before placing them. Of course, many factors need to be considered. Some can be easily identifiable, like a competitor’s presence. Others, not so much, like the cross-company relationships between businesses […]

Supply chain mapping tools for fundamental analysis

supply chain mapping tools fundamental analysis

Fundamental analysts find supply chain mapping tools handy for assessing a company’s value and making better investment decisions. Big Data significantly impacts every industry, and finance is not the exception. Banks and stockholders are increasing their demand for predictive analysis and Big Data so much that the data market value in these sectors is expected […]

Supply chain mapping tools: How can companies benefit from them?

supply chain mapping tools helping companies

Supply chain mapping tools provide relevant information to help companies develop strong and trusted relationships with suppliers and customers, leading to better business results. Supply chain logistics are constantly changing, which is a big headache for most companies. An important lesson from previous years is that most brands are unprepared for major disruptions like the […]

Mapping markets & supply chains: Helping steel companies in 2022

Market mapping tools for steel industry

There’s no doubt that steel is an essential metal for the US industry; from home appliances to cars, thousands of companies depend on it.  Unfortunately, like other industries, the COVID-19 pandemic and the most recent conflicts have disrupted the steel industry entirely. In the last two years, steel has faced scarcity, constant price changes, and several […]

The importance of analyzing cross-company relationships

Analyzing cross-company relationships

How well do you know your clients? Surely, your marketing and sales teams know that the key to growing sales lies in understanding every detail of your user.  Another question for you: How well do you know your suppliers? And your distributors? Have you ever wondered if the supplier you have worked with for years also […]

Mapping markets & supply chains: Helping Food Companies in 2022

big data mapping tool food industry

Raw materials´ scarcity, labor shortage, and rising prices; the food industry is facing big problems, and things are getting worse. That’s why each company involved in the supply chain (from suppliers to distributors and vendors) needs to have an outstanding control of their downstream and upstream operations.  Why is market mapping important for the food […]

Big Data and its impact on Supply Chain Management

Big Data for Supply Chain Management and its impact

The benefits of proper Big Data analytics are detecting fraud, improving productivity, reducing business operations costs, and improving decision-making. In addition, many market companies compete for the quality and quantity of their products. Big Data has become increasingly crucial in supply chain management, providing businesses with valuable insights into their operations. From predicting demand to […]

Customer Segmentation: How to Do With Predictive Location Intelligence 

The traditional way of using maps when trying to help your business is by finding out where you will be selling a particular product. Descriptive analytics is knowing where you will be selling your product and whether there are customers available in the area interested in your product. A much more elaborated question is why […]