Customized Big Data-Based Research Tools

We are a data science & market research company with more than 14 years developing tailor-made market intelligence solutions to help companies solve complex problems and make better business decisions.

Geomarketing Analytics Tools

We help companies to analyze trade areas to select the best locations for new stores and predictive models to forecast revenue for each location.

Market Mapping Solutions

With a novel geolocation approach, we help companies to detect, measure, and understand all the connections between companies and facilities in any industry in the US & Europe.

Data Science to Solve Business Problems

PREDIK Data-Driven is a leading big data analytics company where we use the latest technology to offer the best data science analytics services to our customers. From supply chain mapping to predictive analytics tools, our asset protection and risk management services can help your business find tech-enabled solutions.

Our AI-powered solutions help us protect your company and its assets while also minimizing any risks involved. Our data science analytics services are developed keeping in mind your organization’s values and how you want to embrace the technology available.

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Market Intelligence Solutions

We develop market research analytics-related solutions to understand and address the needs of either a niche market or the general consumer.

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Our solutions have helped some of the most important corporations in the USA, Europe, Latin America, Africa, and the Asia Pacific.

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